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Study Shows Gastric Sleeve Most Favorable for Morbid Obesity


According to a study in Annals of Surgery by Dr. Matthew M. Hutter, a bariatric surgeon at Massachusetts General Hospital, laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy showed the most viable treatment for the morbid obese. Not only did it show the best weight loss rates, but also the lowest number of complications for patients.

After studying 3,000 gastric sleeve patients, the number for complications (2.4%) was lower than any other type of bariatric surgery. The surgery also showed 77% higher excess body weight loss for these patients. They also reported a large return in terms of remission in obesity-related conditions such as sleep apnea, diabetes and hypertension.

Another study reported in the Surgery for Obesity and Related Disease journal says that laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy was first “intended to be a primary intervention in high-risk patients before laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass or as the first step of biliopancreatic diversion duodenal switch.” Evidence provides that the surgery is the most effective of all treatment options for patients.

According to this study of 68 patients, the average excessive BMI lost after 1 year was 61.5% and 61.1% after two years. This shows consistent weight loss. Their study showed that 50% of individuals who had gastric banding experienced a BMI still above 35. The study also reported that the gastric sleeve procedure dramatically improved conditions such as Diabetes, hypertension, depression, high cholesterol and sleep apnea in the studied patients.

Another term of researchers at Henry Ford Hospital in Michigan has also found evidence that this procedure is safe and offers patients the best weight-loss outcome. Their study showed that those who underwent sleeve gastrectomy had a better safety profile then those who chose gastric bypass. Study reports that these patients also had better weight loss results, increased chances of remission for various medical conditions as well as a better quality of life. The study was conducted as a part of the Michigan Bariatric Surgery Collaborative in an issue of Annals of Surgery.

These patients in their study also experienced fewer dietary restrictions and feel less hungry then bypass patients. This leads to an increased amount of weight loss after surgery. This study began 30 days after the patient’s surgery and followed them for an undisclosed period of time during their new lifestyle change. All three studies prove that in terms of weight loss surgery, gastric sleeve provides the best weight loss and improvement of medical conditions in the long term.


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