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Gastric Sleeve Success Stories


Mexico Bariatric Center is a healthcare facilitator in Mexico providing patients from Canada and United States affordable weight loss surgery. Below are just a handful of patient testimonials - please visit to view more gastric sleeve testimonials.


About Gastric Sleeve Procedure:

Sleeve gastrectomy, otherwise known as gastric sleeve is restrictive weight loss procedure. Gastric sleeve is perfromed by removing as much as 85% of a patient's stomach, leaving 3.5 to 4 oz. stomach capacity behind. Many surgeons perfer gastric sleeve to gastric banding and gastric bypass for a few simple reasons.

Reasons Gastric Sleeve is Superior

  • Low complication rates similar to gastric bypass. While a recent study reports 33% of gastric banding patients will revise their surgery.
  • High Expected Weight Loss, similar to Gastric Bypass.



Recent Bariatric Surgery Testimonial: March 26th, 2013
Hi [Mexico Bariatric Center],

I just wanted to let you know that everything went really well with the surgery. It was so much easier than I expected, and it was a great experience. Dr. Diaz is the best. He was so attentive and explained everything before, during, and after. I did not see anyone else's doctor come to check on them nearly as much as Dr. Diaz checked on his patients. Awesome!

All went really smoothly and I am feeling great. Thanks for all your help!
- Adriana


A Canadian who has undergone gastric sleeve at MBC by Dr. Lousiana Valenzuela. She highly recommends going here in view of great staff. She aforementioned about the post-op diet like broth and liquid juice. She is extremely happy about the "time factor". Read on! "I would recommend doing here of some where in Canada because of time measuring. In Canada you wait for three years here I booked in three weeks and I feel amazing doing it."


Tracy lives in Nova Scotia, Canada. The wait times in Nova Scotia for weight loss surgery is in excess of 10 years. She decided to go with MBC in Tijuana to do her surgery for inexpensive weight loss surgery. She praises the private hospital and doctors in Tijuana.


Testimonial: I came from Canada to MBC for vertical gastrectomy. I had a wonderful experience with the center. I wish I had done it earlier. The staffs, doctors are excellent and the treatment is amazing.I would recommend this center to anybody."


Patient describes here experience of undergoing surgery with Mexico Bariatric Center.


Another happy Canadian citizen discribes here full experience from Mexico Bariatric Center.


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